How Much Does Flood Water Damage Repair Cost?

Flood Water Damage

Flood Water Damage Repair Cost

It’s a well known fact that water can cause a lot of damage in a house. When it comes to flooding, the flood water damage repair costs are even more expensive! There is a difference in the type of water damage you may experience, for example: a roof leak, pipe burst or flood water. Of course, some of these incidents are better than the other. But how much does flood water damage repair actually cost?

Flood Damage Factors

In this article we will talk about flood water damage repair costs. Flood water damage could be the most expensive repair cost. The reason is that usually flood water damage affects the whole house. A burst pipe can be isolated and so can a roof leak. Flood water contains lots of nasty things such as gasoline, diesel, industrial chemicals, sewage and bacteria. Once these things get into your house, the damage repair costs will go up because of additional cleaning required.

Floodwater damage repair costs go up the longer the water sits in the house. Typically flood water will sit in a house for several hours up to several days! This allows the water to cause lots of damage and therefore drive up the water damage repairs costs.

Flood Remediation

Cleaning up a house after flooding is also called flood remediation. During flood remediation, extra steps need to be completed to ensure that the house is correctly repaired or remediated. Because of these extra steps, water damage repairs costs go up!

These are the steps that need to be completed to properly fix a water damaged house. The cost will depend on:

  • Size of the house
  • Height of water
  • How long the water sat in the house

Flood Water Damage Repair Costs

What Does Flood Water Damage Cost?

Overall, the flood water damage repair costs range from $35-$47 per square foot for a proper remediation.

Here is an example for an 1800 sq. ft house.

  • Low End Repair: 
    • $35 x 1800 = $63,000
  • High End Repair:
    • $47 x 1800 = $84,600

An interesting tool to determine flood water damage repair costs can be found here. Fink Buys Houses has no affiliation with this company, but it does provide a good ballpark estimate on repairs.

You should be wary of any contractor that quotes you a low number. You need to qualify the contractor and find out what they will be doing. Does their quote include a mold inspector and proper mold remediation?

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  1. Our basement flooded five inches up the walls when my husband and I were on vacation last week. Your information that water damage repair costs increase depending on the height of the water and the length of time the water has been sitting is really helpful. We’ll make sure to find a restoration expert who can offer water damage repair for a decent price even considering the increase in cost.

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